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Black Castings
Product Description
About Black Castings 

Earthworms are vital to the soil. Their burrows allow air and water to flow, but more importantly, they digest organic matter and excrete it as worm castings, a vital component in fertile soil.


Unlike chemical fertilizers, Black Castings™ will not burn plants or trees, and are completely safe to handle. Black Castings™ also break down much more slowly than traditional fertilizers.


Many chemical fertilizers are loaded down with huge quantities of quickly-available nutrients, but plants can only absorb so much in a given period, meaning everything that the plant doesn’t use right away is wasted.


Black Castings™, on the other hand, break down much more slowly, feeding plants only as needed, reducing waste and increasing efficiency, making Black Castings™ very cost-effective.


Black Castings™:

·        Are produced by earthworms fed a high-quality diet

·        Add organic matter to the soil

·        Improve soil structure

·        Are not produced with yard waste

·        Are not made with horse, cow, or any other grazing animal manure

·        Break down slowly, reducing the need for repeated applications, making Black Castings™ very cost-effective



Directions For Use

Vegetables & Annual Flowers

Place 8 oz. Black Castings™ (a handful, or ½ cup) in each planting hole, set the plant in place, and cover with soil. Side dress with 8 oz. per plant every two months during the growing season.

Root Crops

Place 8 oz. Black Castings ™ (a handful, or ½ cup) in each hole or hill and cover. Top dress with the same amount when plant begins to flower.

Perennials & Other Established Plants

Top dress with 5 lb. Black Castings™ per 100 sq. ft. and then add mulch to cover. If no mulch is used, then you will need to work the castings into the top 1 inch of the surface. Apply in the spring, early summer, and fall.

Potting Plants, Seed Beds, and Flats – Growing Media

Add 20% castings to the basic growing media. Herbs require only 5%.

Potted Plants

Apply 4 oz. (1/4 cup) for each 4” of pot diameter to surface and water well. Repeat every 2 – 3 months.

Roses, Trees, Shrubs, and Berries – new or transplants

Mix 40% castings into the transplant mix. Place half of the mix in the hole prior to planting and use the other half to fill the hole.

Established Trees

Top dress with 1 lb. of castings per inch of tree diameter in the spring and fall. Cover with mulch or scratch into the top 1 inch of the soil.

Other Established Woody Plants

First year: top dress with 1 lb. of Black Castings™ in the spring and fall, and then ½ lb. castings every spring and fall thereafter.


Turf Construction Phase

Straight Black Castings™ can be used to replace the black humus peat or sedge peat or 20% of the sand used in the greens and trees. Spread 1 ton per acre (40 lb. / 1,000 sq. ft.) before laying the sod. Seams will close in half the time.

Add 20% Black Castings™ to the divot seeding mix and add the seed to the mix the night before for quick germination in 12 to 36 hours.

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance is best accomplished with the use of Vermaplex® injected directly into the fertigation system.



Store this product in a cool, dry place. Do not allow product to freeze.



 Beware of imitators!

I guess we should be flattered that so many competitors out there are attempting to brand their products with our name but we are not flattered. If you wish to verify that the product you are purchasing is the real thing, give us a call at
866-240-8501 and we will be happy to verify that for you!