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A photo of a bud at the proper stage for injection of Snipper (the bud is about an inch long). When the bud is at this stage, you have a 7 - 10 day window in which to inject. If only a few buds are at this stage, DO NOT INJECT! Due to the sporadic budding of sweet gum trees, you must wait until the majority of the buds are at this stage before you apply Snipper



If the tips of the tree's shoots look like this, it is too late to inject. At the proper injection time, no leaves should be on the tree and no buds should be breaking

A deflowering agent for sweet gum trees that eliminates young flowers before they fertilize to form gumballs. One application of Snipper in early spring causes premature death of developing flowers, but does not affect foliage. Use Snipper to eliminate costly maintenance of sweet gum trees in the fall.

(Apply 1 unit every 4” of circumference) 


The flower buds of sweet gum trees break dormancy before the foliar buds which allows a clear view of the developing flowers. The most visible flower bud is the bright yellow-green male bud. The female bud is smaller, spoon-shaped, and hangs down and away from the accompanying male flower bud.

The sweet gum trees whose first flush of male flower buds reaches about one inch long should be injected with Snipper promptly. The hormone in Snipper is converted to another, naturally-occurring hormone which is transported through the outer xylem to the flower buds in the canopy. This hormone then kills pollen cells in the male flowers as well as the ovule in the female flowers. These dying tissues cause the formation of an abscission layer at the base of the flowers and causes these dying flowers to be cast from the tree prematurely, with no mature flowers to fertilize and form gum balls in the fall. PROPER TIMING OF THE INJECTION PROCESS IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESSFUL DEFLOWERING! If some of the flowers are allowed to develop to physiological maturity and fertilize to form young gum balls, then injecting Snipper will not result in their removal. Snipper is not a de-fruiting agent, so young gum balls will not be cast from the tree early.

SNIPPER IS ALSO LABELED FOR: Ash, black locust, black walnut, cherry, cottonwood, crabapple, ginkgo, hackberry, hickory, honey, locust, maple, oak, olive, persimmon, plum, tree of heaven, and sycamore. Call for details!