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Welcome to our website!
We offer a full line of Sustainable products

Our company has their own line of soil amendments, fertilizers and mycorrhizal products. So why do we offer other companies products? Because they work as part of an integrated plant management program. It would be deceptive if we told you that “All you need is just our products.” Our goal is to provide solutions for your tree and plant management program so we offer the highest quality products—plain & simple.


We are fortunate to have a ISA  Certified Arborist on staff that has over 44 years of field experience in the  Arboriculture industry.

What does that mean for you? 

That means that not only do we have high quality products but we have many years of field use & experience on applications and correct usage!


We are located in Monroe, NC with facilities in Jefferson & Cheraw, SC
Phone local: 704-283-2457
Toll free: 866-240-8501
Fax: 704-283-2104
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