Soluble Fertilizer

Coral Calcium

A water-dispersible calcium product. Coral Calcium is harvested exclusively from farmed corals, so there is no damage to natural reefs. Coral is an excellent source of calcium and trace elements. It’s ideal for supporting calcium-hungry plants, and the trace nutrients help to keep soils and plants healthy.

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Humic Acid Powder

Humic acid is a carbon-rich extract produced from fossilized organic matter. The powdered form is highly concentrated, allowing large quantities to be transported easily. The powder is water-soluble, which allows a large quantity of concentrated humic acid to be produced as needed.


Microbac Soluble

A powdered, concentrated version of Micro-Bac, designed to be tank-mixed or jug-mixed with water or fertilizer. Ideal where large quantities of Micro-Bac are needed, or when Micro-Bac needs to be pre-mixed with granular fertilizers or soils.

Microbac Soluble 2 lb_Page_1.jpg


A plant-based protein supplement. It’s rich in organic nitrogen, as well as amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. It’s excellent both as a nitrogen supplement and a growth-booster.